About the Mass HIway

The Mass HIway is a secure health information exchange that is accessible to all healthcare systems statewide, regardless of affiliation, location, or differences in technology; and is a tool for the Commonwealth's healthcare community to improve coordination, quality, patient satisfaction, and public health reporting while containing costs. The Mass HIway is operated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Office of Health and Human Services, overseen by a Health Information Technology Council, and informed by consumer, provider, legal and policy, and technology advisory groups to promote a transparent, multi-stakeholder engagement model. Click here for meeting dates, presentations, and notes.
The Mass HIway provides a mechanism for the Commonwealth’s entire health care community—including providers, public health officials and others—to have appropriate access to health information.

Major services provided by The Mass HIway include:

  • Continued development of The Mass HIway solution and exchange infrastructure
  • Provider/health organization education, outreach and adoption
  • EHR/Practice Management Vendor integration services
  • Onboarding and Enrollment
  • Administration Use and Services

The goals of The Mass HIway are to support the analysis of protected health information (PHI) to better manage the quality and cost of care delivered; and query and retrieval of information across the health care community to achieve the best possible care coordination for Massachusetts residents.

The Mass HIway Regulations are in effect as of February 10th and are available here. Click here for the Mass HIway Regulations Summary and here for a set of frequently asked questions about the Mass HIway Regulations.