Mass HIway Steps to Enroll

The Mass HIway Participation Agreement Packet includes documentation that must be reviewed and signed before your organization is given access to use the Mass HIway. The Mass HIway is currently open to Massachusetts-licensed providers, health plans and legal entities, as well as business associates. Use of the Mass HIway is limited to health information exchange as allowed by law. 

Unless otherwise noted, an individual who is authorized to legally bind the Participant or Participating Organization should act as signatory when required. Examples include a President, CEO, CFO, CIO, or owner of a medical practice.
The Mass HIway Participation Agreement is non-negotiable and will not be changed or adapted for special requests.
Compliance with the following set of documents is required for Participants to connect to the Mass HIway:
  1. The Policies and Procedures (version 4) document outlines conditions and terms that apply to all Mass HIway Participants to ensure it is used in a safe, ethical, lawful manner.
  2. The Participation and Business Associate Agreement is the document that governs access and use of the services of the Mass HIway network. It defines the roles and responsibilities of each party. This is the document that needs to be signed and returned.
  3. Mass HIway Legal Entity and Sub Organization File Sheet V1 document includes demographic information about the organization as well as key contact detail. For single entities, complete only the top section for "Legal Entity (Participant)". If signing on behalf of sub or member organizations, you must also completed the section labeled "Sub Organization/Member".
  4. Massachusetts W-9 Form is required to certify the legal entity and to process invoices.
Please sign all the documents as outlined. You may scan and e-mail all documents to: Please note, only PDFs are accepted except document number 3 (Exhibit A) which should be submitted in excel format.