Mass HIway Use Cases

A use case describes how your organization plans to use the Mass HIway and can be a valuable planning tool. Use cases help to inform technical and operational planning and can help your organization best scope the resources and effort needed to address a specific business need.  The goal of developing a use case is to help your organization successfully implement and adopt the Mass HIway into practice.

The Massachusetts eHealth Institute has developed these tools and resources to guide your organization in developing a use case for the Mass HIway.

  • The Use Case Library provides examples of use cases such as referrals from primary care to specialist or discharge summaries from a hospital. The Use Case Library also includes examples from Mass HIway Participants with supplemental documents.
  • Use Case Tools include a development guide, forms, and templates you can use to develop and document your use case.
  • HIE Stories describe use cases in action from the Participant's perspective. They highlight the challenges and successes through implementation and adoption and provide valuable lessons learned for other organizations adopting and implementing the Mass HIway.

If you have any questions on these materials or resources, or if you're a Mass HIway Participant and would like to share your HIE success story, contact us at