Provider Directory

The Mass HIway Provider Directory (PD) is a searchable directory of individual and organizational healthcare providers. The PD: 
  • Provides destination addresses for Direct messaging (i.e. Direct email address)
  • Stores the specific details such as organization name, provider first name, last name, specialty, contact information, NPI and personal/organizational email address along with the Direct email address
Participants must use active Mass HIway addresses and verify that the intended recipient is ready to receive the type of message the Participant is sending over the Mass HIway. Your Mass HIway Account Manager can help broker these discussions with your high priority trading partner.
Note: If the Participant is made aware that the intended recipient is not ready to receive that message type over the Mass HIway, the Participant shall find an alternative means to send the information.

Getting Data In

Mass HIway provides the domain name and the Participant provides the organization information, individual addresses for their authorized users, and the minimal data set required to power the Directory. For first time uploads into the Provider Directory, Participants must supply this information using the below documents. Once the initial upload is completed, Participants must use the HIway Directory Provider Upload file to submit new additions, changes, or deletions.
HISP Participants, use these files:
Please note, if the required information is not included in the file, or the most up to date version is not used, it cannot be processed. Here are some common issues that cause Provider Directory Upload files to be rejected:
  • You must include the:
    • Full provider address (including city, state, and zip code) for each row;
    • Main business phone for all rows and must include dashes;
    • Provider type in each row and needs to be a valid code (for instance "PHYSCN" is correct and will be accepted, but using "PHYSN" will cause a rejection);
    • Language code with multiple values separated with a semicolon;
    • Provider Specialty code with multiple values separated with a semicolon.
  • Requested address formats should NOT include the @ symbol.
  • The Mass HIway domain should NOT be used when listing preferred address formats. Only the content that will be to the left of the @ symbol needs to be included.
  • Review the actions for the columns labeled "Add to Provider Directory" and "Add to Webmail" and make sure it is correct:
    • "Yes" or blank = Add
    • "No"= Do not add

Getting Data Out

Ways to access addresses in the Provider Directory:
  • Manual Entry: If your EHR allows it, you may directly enter a known address manually.
  • Webservices: Participants looking to integrate PD into internal workflows via their EHR system can use our PD Webservice to search and retrieve provider/organization/department direct address. PD Webservice is also available for LAND connection
  • Within Webmail: Mass HIway Secure Webmail has a provider lookup function
  • Manual PD Extract (CSV/Excel) file: If your EHR has directories, they may be integrated with Mass HIway PD (vendor dependent). Mass HIway provides an updated file monthly to Participants and HISPs. It is a standardized form that recipients need to import. It's not meant to serve as a standalone file that lists Mass HIway addresses. In other words, it is not like a phone book.
  • The Provider Directory for Participants contains all Direct addresses available on the Mass HIway, including Mass HIway and HISP addresses.
The Provider Directory for HISPs contains only Mass HIway Direct addresses and is used by HISPs to populate their system with Mass HIway addresses.
Provider Directory Extracts are password protected. If you are a Mass HIway Participant and would like to be on the email distribution list to receive the password for monthly extracts, contact us at 1.855 MA HIway (624-4929) option 2 or Please note, Participants using Internet Explorer 8 may experience a delay in download.


Can all of the providers or departments at my organization be listed?
Yes. Each organization determines how best to organize and list users in the PD. A Participant can choose to list individuals, departments, such as an emergency department or medical records office, or a combination of both. A Participant can choose not to list all staff initially and add new users as internal workflows are established.
How can I specify a format for the direct email username?
The format for the username on the left-hand side of the direct address may be specified in the Provider Directory Provider Upload File under “Requested Email Address Format”. Consider how you want to be represented. (e.g.
How do I set up a shared webmail mailbox when adding users?
If you are using one mailbox for multiple users, you may specify this in the Provider Directory Provider Upload File under “Shared Mailbox Address”. This option is only available to webmail providers.
Can I have multiple direct addresses?
Yes, participants can have multiple direct addresses depending on your situations. For example, your system could be connected to Mass HIway using ‘LAND’ appliance for public health record submissions and have a ‘Direct’ or ‘3rdParty HISP’ connection for Provider to Provider or Transfer of Care Summary documents. Example: and or
Will the PD show who is ready to receive a certain type of message?
Not at this time. Participants must confirm with their trading partners which types of messages that organization is ready to receive before sending the message. Your Account Manager can assist in brokering these readiness discussions.
What if I use a non-HIway Health Information Services Provider (HISP) for Direct messaging –Can I access Mass HIway addresses? How about the other way around?
Yes –Mass HIway provides its PD to other HISPs and imports addresses from other HISPs through monthly updates -Contact your HISP to see where they are with Provider Directory exchange
How frequently is the PD published?
Mass HIway PD is published through a secure link monthly. Authorized users of the Mass HIway participating organizations will receive an email notification with a secure link if requested. If you would like to receive the file, contact us a
How frequently is the PD updated?
Mass HIway PD is updated on request basis as when updates are sent by the participating organizations with the changes to its provider roster. It is the responsibility of the Participant’s Access Administrator, not the Mass HIway, to keep these entries current. 


Click the below options for the webinar Effective and Proper Use of the Mass HIway Provider Directory. It includes FAQs, screenshots, and more detail. Click here for a complete list of on demand webinars.