The Mass HIway Regulations

Massachusetts provider organizations are subject to the Mass HIway Regulations. Currently, Acute Care Hospitals, Medium/Large Medical Ambulatory Practices, and Community Health Centers must submit annual documentation attesting to their efforts to implement HIE use cases. Click on the options below to review the various aspects of the HIway Regulations and the related attestation process, and to access the attestation forms.

This page provides a general overview of the Mass HIway Regulations and how they apply to various provider organizations.

This page presents a formal summary of the most important aspects of the actual Mass HIway Regulations.

This page answers frequently asked questions pertaining to the Mass HIway Regulations and Attestation.

This page provides a general overview of the HIway attestation process and the provider organizations that need to attest.

This page lists the HIway attestation and exception forms that provider organizations need in order to attest.

This page contains infographics that highlight the attestation results of prior HIway attestation years.